The Top 10 reasons to call CloudTech1: The IT problem solvers

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48877512_SThe buzz Rick Beckers and his team at CloudTech1 have generated is undeniable. We continue to grow with quality clients/partners as well as help solve frustrating problems and educate those thirsty for cloud knowledge! Maybe it’s bad to toot your own horn, but we know honesty is the best policy and an amazing partnership can happen with a simple conversation.

Who is CloudTech1?
CloudTech1 is a Managed Services Provider. For a flat fee, we can become your full IT department or manage a service like disaster recovery or data backup.

CloudTech1 is a Cloud Services Provider. The cloud offers so many opportunities and options that it is difficult to know where to start or how to implement. Cloudtech1 is partnered with all the cloud service vendors to make sure you have the ideal cloud service and security.

CloudTech1 is a Master Cloud Agency. Independent consultants join Cloudtech1 to learn how to sell and implement the cloud to their clients/partners.

Top 10 reasons to call CloudTech1

10. The Technician and Architecture Talent. Our techs may only speak in 1s and 0s, but they are brilliant and immensely talented. The cloud and infrastructure architects have a perfect complement of business and tech savviness that can make any IT network efficient.

9. Experience. Rick Beckers, President and CEO of CloudTech1 has configured IT networks since the typewriter went into the trash. He shares his 35-plus years of experience with the team regularly.

8. Education. CloudTech1 University strives to educate business decision makers and technology consultants on the cloud. Even if you don’t utilize CloudTech1 … the cloud is an extremely helpful tool when used properly.

7. CloudCare1. This is CloudTech1’s MSP security and monitoring blanket. Based on the devices managed, for a flat fee we can manage, monitor, and update all the nodes on your network.

6. Cloud Convenience. When becoming an MSP client/partner, the capabilities of implementing the cloud become a breeze. No pun intended. CloudTech1 can implement a cloud migration with the click of a few buttons while under the CloudCare1 umbrella.

5. Protect Against Internal Threats. Based on the SLA and privileges, a company can protect themselves against internal attacks from disgruntled employees. They can also protect themselves from regularly disgruntled employees that accidentally bring in a virus.

4. Protect Against External Threats. Ransomware is becoming infamous and on the rise. CloudTech1 has received calls from non-client/non-partners who are struggling with the breach. It is a frustrating violation that can be prevented by CloudCare1.

3. A Charming Marketing Department. We love engaging with clients/partners at our events. Check out our next event here (or below.)

3.1. October’s event is MSP: Smarter, Faster, More Secure. You can see what it is like to work with CloudTech1. We have a great core of professionals, too.

2. Southeast Michigan Pride. Sure, CloudTech1 has clients/partners throughout the country. Our bubble continues to expand. Southeast Michigan has the foundation for the Industrial Internet of Things to build right in our own backyard. CloudTech1 will be at the forefront of the Cloud Computing relationship with Industry 4.0.

1. Accolades. Recently voted top 100 Cloud Service Providers by Talkin’ Cloud and Penton Technology and a top 20 Disaster Recovery provider by CIO Review. The pride CloudTech1 has in their IT solutions is getting noticed.

CEO Rick Beckers is always happy to speak with talented technicians, professionals with an IT problem, and consultants that want to offer the cloud to their clients.
Call 855-6CLOUD1. Let’s start a conversation.

Or visit us October 19 at 905 E. South Blvd, Rochester Hills, MI. Our event will show you how we evaluate and onboard new clients/partners as well as network management once the wheels get turning.

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