CloudTech1 Cracks the Top 100 for Cloud Service Providers in the World

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ROCHESTER HILLS – CloudTech1 CEO Rick Beckers and his team have been named by Penton Technology and Talkin’ Cloud as a top 100 Progressive Cloud Service Provider in the World.

Managed service provider CloudTech1 joins data center Liquid Web as the only two Michigan companies to be named to the list. The two companies have worked together previously. The notoriety of the Talkin’ Cloud article has brought a closer connection with Liquid Web and we are honored and excited to grow with them.


“I’m deeply honored by the recognition placed upon CloudTech1 by Talkin’ Cloud for the hard work that our talented team has put forth,” Beckers said. “It has always been our intent to shine a bright light on southeast Michigan as a hub of advanced technological solutions. We feel strongly that cloud solutions and the benefits that they provide to progressive businesses play an important role in our local and national economy. CloudTech1 will continue to be a leader and a source for knowledge to both business decision makers and technology professionals alike. If you are of a like mind…please reach out to us. It all starts with a conversation.”

Southeast Michigan has an opportunity to be the premier region for the emergence of Industry 4.0. With the solid base and continued growth of manufacturing companies, immensely talented engineers and companies like CloudTech1 and Liquid Web emerging, the Industrial Internet of Things appears to be burrowing its potential right in our backyard.

Check out the list and webinar here.

CloudTech1 will be hosting three events this fall. Those include:

September 21: Game Changing Cloud Technology: Network Security.

October 19: Game Changing Cloud Technology: MSP – Smarter, Faster, More Secure.

November 16: Game Changing Cloud Technology in the Manufacturing Industry.

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