6 Mysterious Myths of Managed Services Providers

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As a consultant and marketer I am always searching for the best ways to communicate the CloudTech1 brand. In my communications I am occasionally overlooked or ignored. Which is alright. I know respectful cold calls, kind handshakes and inviting emails will not get a 100% return response. I want to improve. The best question a wise businessperson can ask themselves is ”why,” right? So, here I am asking “why?” Why wouldn’t an organization listen to a Managed Services Provider like CloudTech1?

I’ve come to realize much of the resistance is due to self-imposed myths. Here are 6 common myths that could answer “why”:
1- An MSP will force me to fire my IT staff
An MSP makes your IT team more valuable and can be an extension of our expertise. We also have the capability to monitor the network and find problems before they occur and inform your IT guy so they can keep continuity. Utilizing an MSP removes the “Break/Fix” gamble.

2- An MSP won’t care about my IT because they won’t be on-site
This is where we find the differences in MSPs (and where CloudTech1 excels.) An MSP has a vested interest in the continuity of business and a smooooooooth IT network. The client pays an agreed upon FLAT FEE. Now the time spent on the infrastructure comes out their pocket. Not salary to a technician or hourly charges from an outside company. An MSP’s REPUTATION is also on the line. 85% of the work can be done remotely, and should be transparent with problems and solutions.

3- Cheapest is the best
When has that been the best strategy for business growth? VALUE is best!

With CloudTech1 you pay for what you use, and never have to worry about vendor management. So you only have “one neck to choke!”

Your organization could be missing out on services that improve efficiency with little investment. So find someone you can trust and genuinely cares about your organization.

4- MSPs are glorified IT people that do the same thing my technician would
They are experts. At least they should be. The benefit of an MSP over an in-house tech is you are receiving a team of knowledge and expertise.

5- An MSP is for corporations
CloudTech1 services make sense for Small-Medium Businesses (SMB) that have to be wise with their expenses.

6- “I don’t have the time to implement a new IT strategy”
Check out the video below. There is nothing wrong with a 30, 15, 10 or 5-minute conversation. You could be missing significant time and money savings. We can do a FREE assessment while you continue on with your day.


Were you familiar with what an MSP can be for the organization? Maybe it is time to investigate on how an MSP can help. You may be pleasantly surprised.
Rick Beckers of CloudTech1 promotes community growth and cloud services. He has been managing organization networks for 35 years. Even if you don’t begin a conversation with CloudTech1 we highly encourage MSP or cloud service research. or 1-855-6CLOUD-1 (1-855-625-6831)

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