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CIO On-Demand

CIO On-Demand

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To stay competitive in today’s high-tech business world, Small to Medium Businesses (SMBs) need to keep their IT network up and running. But hiring a Chief Information Officer (CIO) can be beyond many SMBs’ budgets. CIOs can command salaries well over $150,000 a year.

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Instead of investing heavily in a CIO, organizations can hire a CIO on-demand from CloudTech1, a Rochester Hills IT Network Services Provider. CloudTech1 has CIO experience for a department of defense contractor that demands the highest level of network fluidity and security. CloudTech1 also has the experience in all phases of of business, including insurance, legal, factory, and medical just to name a few.

The beauty of a CIO on-demand or IT Network Service Provider is a BDM pays for what you need while receiving guidance, expertise, AND a team of technicians securing the current network. It also provides mentoring and advising for the FUTURE of the IT Network while the Business Decision Maker(BDM) has full control. There is no need for insurance, 401k, or concern of losing the employee.

We are an IT Network Services Provider. Our services allow you to invest a flat fee every month based on the devices on the network. We also offer free seminars (below) that provide an enjoyable environment for BDMs to learn and ask questions on the newest technologies without having to worry about a sales pitch. We aspire to be innovators to your success.

Join us on the third Wednesday of each month as we host a seminar on “Game Changing Cloud Technologies” and other topics to help the IT Network.
Wednesday July 20 – “Game Changing Cloud Technologies and BYOD” (Rochester Hills)
Wednesday August 17 – “Game Changing Cloud Technologies and Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery” (Meeting at Automation Alley in Troy)
Wednesday September 21 – “Game Changing Cloud Technologies and Network Security” (Rochester Hills)
Have a free lunch, grow with us, and maybe you’ll learn something that will help your IT Network.
855-6-CLOUD1 or (855-625-6831)



Saving on your IT Infrastructure Made Simple: Check this out!

Saving on your IT Infrastructure Made Simple: Check this out!

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Dear Business Decision Maker, CPA, CFO, business owner, or anyone in the IT world with an entrepreneurial mind,

Did you know we have a Quick Quote Calculator? The tool is extremely simple. All you have to do is enter how many servers, workstations and cell phones your company uses. A number will be produced. Do the math. If you are spending more on your IT network than that number then you’re spending too much! It’s as simple as that. Try it!

It is easy to write a check every month. As a business owner or CFO it may be tougher to write those check because they have a direct effect on your income. These savings could mean the difference between comfort and stress. As a CPA or manager, showing these savings could turn you into a business hero.

For those that feel they are spending too much on IT or want to be sure their infrastructure is efficient; Contact Us for a FREE IT ASSESSMENT. Another great tool that produces a strategy specific to your business.

We want the opportunity to gain your trust. Lets start a conversation.

Come visit us at the MICPA Management Information and Business Show on June 28th and 29th where Rick Beckers, the President of CloudTech1 will be a SPOTLIGHT SPEAKER on BYOD (Bring Your Own Device).
You can also attend our Product Showcase where we will be giving away food and prizes including an Amazon Echo.

Or email us at or call us at 855-6CLOUD-1 (855-625-6831).